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Monday, December 26, 2016

Aram-zobah | The amazing name Aram-zobah: meaning and etymology

Aram-zobah | The amazing name Aram-zobah: meaning and etymology: "The name Aram-zobah in the Bible
The name Aram-zobah occurs three times in the Hebrew Bible, although English translations tend to read something like the Arameans of Zobah in 2 Samuel 10:6 and 10:8 (where our name is spelled with a final א, aleph, and should be transliterated as Aram-zoba), and the proper Aram-zobah (spelled with a final ה, he) in Psalm 60:1. This region near Damascus is mostly referred to as simply Zobah.

Etymology and meaning of the name Aram-zobah
The name Aram-zobah obviously consists of two elements. The first part is the same as the name Aram, the Hebrew name for Syria, which derives of the verb רום (rum), meaning to rise up, or to be high"

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tips for Landing Your Own Newspaper Column |

Tips for Landing Your Own Newspaper Column | "Find your own voice
Every editor in America can boast a slush pile of resumes from would-be Anna Quindlens, Bob Greenes and Erma Bombecks. Copycat efforts rarely dazzle anyone.

Successful columnists in every genre have “a recognizable voice, a literary signature that sets their work apart,” says Barbara Brotman, whose personal column appears in the Sunday Chicago Tribune‘s Womanews section. Warm, witty or irascible, your voice is the vehicle for your column’s personality. Ride it well, and you’ll charm readers. Abuse it, and you’ll turn them off."

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