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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Populace Movement of The 60′ Vs. Occupy Wall Street.

The Populace Movement of The 60′ Vs. Occupy Wall Street.: " I always somehow believed that Jimi was more of visionary who simply was ahead of his time. It is truly unfortunate that “Rock Star” culture is so intertwined with drug addiction, rehab, overdoes and an early untimely death.

However when you think about deeply (too deeply) you understand that a visionary is by definition someone who is not particularly so focused on the existing paradigms along with all their trappings. "

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(110) Aharon Moshe Sanders

(110) Aharon Moshe Sanders: "dividual to start a business, there are far too many obstacles. Financing and credit is only available in abundance to those who don't need it. It is very simple to go bankrupt before you get going if you listen to the experts. They will have spending 50k on a business plan, before you even start."

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sign Of The Times: Startup Raps For Angel Funding | TechCrunch

Sign Of The Times: Startup Raps For Angel Funding | TechCrunch: "But we need your help to reach the dream
We need a angel, We need a ride
We need a bump a bump so we fly
Undrip is about to go
We just need an angel to unlock the flow

Verse 2:
Comin straight outta Soma, the valley of silicone
In the zone, writing code til we see the break of dawn
Learning the ropes from the CEO
And we’ll be crushin it from NDA to IPO
Here we go again, yeah it’s back to bootstrap"

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor |

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor | "web developer responsible for this website currently is seeking someone preferably with some coding experience (even if it mainly entry level or right out of school). Ideally skills in Drupal and Php, as well as other open source software is ideal.

Web developer is also looking to start up and develop automated web hosting and domain resellers, including possibly the Name Cheap API, and HostBill, and WHMCS. Developer owns 100's of domains and dozens are valued at between 2k to 9k US$."

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The Startup Mentor: January 2012

The Startup Mentor: January 2012: "
What's the biggest downside of funding a startup this way?
It's painful to use your own money, especially when you'd rather spend it on groceries. But that's what makes it a good thing. You get really smart with how you spend it. You say, "We really need to buy this software solution." And then you say, "Is this the right one? Can we find a cheaper version? Can we build it ourselves?"

You start to do a lot of research so you can spend less money or can learn a skill that will save you money over the long term. I figured out how to do our financials for Clariwebs by reading a book on QuickBooks. I use those skills even today."

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