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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor |

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor | "web developer responsible for this website currently is seeking someone preferably with some coding experience (even if it mainly entry level or right out of school). Ideally skills in Drupal and Php, as well as other open source software is ideal.

Web developer is also looking to start up and develop automated web hosting and domain resellers, including possibly the Name Cheap API, and HostBill, and WHMCS. Developer owns 100's of domains and dozens are valued at between 2k to 9k US$."

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    One who conducts a bit of research on this developer will definitely be able to understand that there are multiple ventures being developed, and various skill sets, backgrounds, and resources are needed to bring these innovative ventures to the marketplace. Serious inquiries to


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