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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6 Tips on How to Write a Character Reference - wikiHow

6 Tips on How to Write a Character Reference - wikiHow: "Make use of a three-part format for the letter. The first paragraph can be a formal introduction, where the reader learns about the writer. The second part can be the body, where the basic message gets transmitted. A conclusion ties the letter together and brings it to a close appropriately."

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sneaky (and confusing) E-Z Pass Lanes - Messageboard

Sneaky (and confusing) E-Z Pass Lanes - Messageboard: "I never even saw the signs, not once, but at three separate toll plazas on the Parkway on two different days. Where do they put the signs, on the moon?

For years, if you wanted to take the express lanes, you got into the left lanes"

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updating your domain's dns / nameservers | InMotion Hosting

Updating your domain's dns / nameservers | InMotion Hosting: "one of the last steps you'll take is pointing your domain's nameservers to InMotion Hosting's nameservers. This will direct your domain's traffic here, and away from your previous web host. Please be aware that changes to your nameservers can take up to 24 hours before they take affect, so changes you make will not be immediate.

InMotion Hosting's Nameservers:"

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

About Rae Hoffman aka Sugarrae - Sugarrae

About Rae Hoffman aka Sugarrae - Sugarrae: "co-founder, co-owner and CEO of MFE Interactive in addition to being the co-owner and SVP of Marketing for Speedy Incorporation and am a co-founder of It’s a WAHM Thing.

I fell into this industry by accident, but I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. I am for hire, though not for sale.

I spend an insane amount of time online."

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The Power of Channels for Increasing AdSense Revenue - Sugarrae

The Power of Channels for Increasing AdSense Revenue - Sugarrae: "by Rae Hoffman | Website Monetization | 16 Comments

Now before I start this post, I’d like to state for the record that I don’t like depending on Webmaster Welfare (Adsense). I prefer to get my website income from affiliate marketing whenever possible.


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A very valid statement especially in light of the lawsuit that Google lost for it's Adsense product!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lake Arrowhead Web Design | Orange County Website Design Company | Lake Arrowhead Website Designer

Lake Arrowhead Web Design | Orange County Website Design Company | Lake Arrowhead Website Designer: "
Lake Arrowhead Web Design Company

Kell Web Solutions, Inc. is a Lake Arrowhead website designer that provides affordable website design services offering a free website design quote and affordable e-Commerce website development with top ranking affordable SEO services in Orange County and Lake Arrowhead. Small business custom website designer clients benefit from an Orange County website design, profitable e-Commerce web development and top Google rankings."

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Oh my! This is the website that shows me that they are capable of designing a quality website for a small business? Oh, my!

Upload some photos, as long as you are serious then I we will approve your account.

Domain Reseller | Start an Online Business in Minutes - Go Daddy

Domain Reseller | Start an Online Business in Minutes - Go Daddy: "Become a Go Daddy domain reseller and let us do the heavy lifting.

Our reseller plans give you everything you need to start your own successful reseller business, including a pre-built website, shopping cart, integrated site traffic reporting and even credit card processing. Already running your own eCommerce site? Our Application Programming Interface (API) plugs seamlessly into your site, maintaining your branding and unique look and feel"

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Ah, everyone is now jumping into reselling! When will it stop?

4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths |

4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths | "Using these four tips, you can learn to recognize your core strengths. Here's how:

1. Watch for signs of excitement. When you engage in an activity you are truly good at, your excitement is visible. Your pupils dilate, your chest is broader, your speech is fast and fluid, and your arms spread wider. "You can see someone feels alive and motivated when they're using a core strength," Kashdan says.

Related: How to Train Your Creative Mind

Ask a close mentor when you appear most animated or observe yourself for a day. When do you feel most engaged? Most energized? "When people are using their strengths, they pop out of the backdrop," Kashdan says."

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How to Value Your Startup |

How to Value Your Startup | "If investors are telling you that your startup is worth $1 million, then that's what it's worth. You might think it's worth more. You might even know it's worth more because your company may have more than $1 million is liquid assets, or more than $1 million in receivables, or more than $1 million in sweat equity. But if you're unable to raise money for your startup with a valuation above $1 million, then you'll have to accept the market valuation.

However, this isn't always true. If you raise money from relatives and friends rather than professional investors, it's possible that your company has been overvalued or undervalued (more likely, overvalued)"

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Yesware - Email For Salespeople - Yesware

Yesware - Email For Salespeople - Yesware: "Email for Salespeople.
Track emails, create templates, CRM sync, & more.

Find out who opens your emails and clicks on your links.
Email templates help you say the right thing, real fast.
Sync emails to your CRM with one click.
Get insights into your email with reports."

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Well, this app is easily integrated in gmail, and into the chrome browser and all this little app wants in exchange is access to my browsing activity (which means allowing one more hook into "monitoring and of course slowing down everything) and of couse the ever so valuable data mining.

I think I just wait until I get a return e-mail!

Stephen C. Sanders, November 9, 2012

Mysitemyway Ultimate WordPress Developer Bundle

Mysitemyway Ultimate WordPress Developer Bundle: "WordPress Theme
An ultra-lightweight and minimalist theme with a focus on customization, making it the perfect starter theme for your own website or next web design project. "

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Theme Generator - Support

Theme Generator - Support: "Add, change or combine any design element of your theme using our items gallery, made up of more than 1000 pre-designed objects.
You can add, change, and combine any of the design elements of your base template including menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, and patterns or textures, using a user-friendly and easy to use interface."

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AppCard: " Keep adding stores and brands to your favorites. The more stores you add, the more offers you'll get. Save the offers you like, and they will be automatically applied the next time you're at the store."

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jane Friedman | Writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age

Jane Friedman | Writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age: "someone who is clued into the future of the publishing and media industry. I’m currently an editor at the national award-winning magazine, the Virginia Quarterly Review, and I also teach in the Media Studies program at the University of Virginia. You might also know me as the former publisher of Writer’s Digest, a $10-million dollar brand where I served for over a decade. Welcome"

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Site Publishers Note:

The following is an unpaid and unsolicited endorsement of someone who is a very valuable resource for any aspiring writers. Jane Friedman.


Definitely an accomplished writer who knows the business and also freely shares of her vast expertise. 

This person, Jane Friedman, is definitely someone to follow. I definitely could learn much from her:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The wind and the wellies: If you build it, they will come.

The wind and the wellies: If you build it, they will come.: "You'll be pleased to hear that the photographs of birds I've found are not mine. My bird photography resembles my cooking photography, not great. So a few are borrowed from a stunning photographer, aptly named fellow blogger 'Robyn'.

One thing I do miss in Orkney is whilst we have a stunning array of wild life, woodland and garden birds"

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