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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rabbis-Notebook - Shoftim -

Rabbis-Notebook - Shoftim - "Rabbi Dessler illustrated his point with the story of Achan. In preparation for their first battle to occupy the Promised Land G-d forbade the Jews from benefiting from the anticipated wealth of Yericho (Jericho). Acting on his own, Achan transgressed G-d's explicit instruction and took from the "Cherem (forbidden booty)." As punishment for his sin the Jews lost their next battle against the city of Eye. G-d explained to Yehoshua that the Jews had lost because, "They took from the Cherem and transgressed the law of G-d!" It seems a bit unfair that the entire nation was condemned and punished because one lone person transgressed the law. In fact, one might think that there was more cause for celebration than condemnation! Imagine, only one person out of 3,000,000 did not listen to G-d! That means that all the others did listen! Would you say the glass was half full or half empty"

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