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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What are Some Common Abbreviations Used in Text Messaging?

What are Some Common Abbreviations Used in Text Messaging?: "Many of the common abbreviations used in text messaging are shortened versions of expressions, such as AAMOF (as a matter of fact), IMHO (in my humble opinion), or PLMK (please let me know). Other common abbreviations that replace expressions include:

BBS: Be back soon
BBT: Be back tomorrow
BIB: Boss is back
CM: Call me
CYE: Check your email
DIKU: Do I know you?
F2F: Face to face
HB: Hurry back
JFF: Just for fun
KOTC: Kiss on the cheek
OMG: Oh my God!
OOTO: Out of the office
PSOS: Parents standing over shoulder
PU: That stinks!
SLAP: Sounds like a plan
TMB: Text me back
UGTBK: You’ve got to be kidding"

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