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Friday, September 2, 2011 » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People. » Blog Archive » High Level Ideas Down to the People.: "Joseph however while he was also a righteous person was also closer to the level of the real man in the street sort of Jew. In other words, while Yaakov was clearly a Tzadik close to Hashem, and was thus able to accomplish the will of G-d, Joseph however was closer to the real Jew, who ended up living in Egypt. Now, R. Rosenblatt continued in his explanation of Rabbi Shmuel di Ozeda’s idea, Moshe’s spirituality was closer to that of Yaakov’s in that he was in a sense removed from the every day sensibility of the common Jewish man. Indeed one could imagine (my own thought is being explained here) that in order to be so close to the mind, thoughts and will of G-d, that it indeed must even on some level be a necessary qualification to be somewhat aloof from the mindset of even the most righteous of the common man."

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