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Monday, September 12, 2011

Parshat Nitzavim: The Key to Choosing Life

Parshat Nitzavim: The Key to Choosing Life: " Netzavim God sets three choices before us. The unit itself begins with the word re'eh ("see") implying that the choices to follow all have to do with sight. We may choose between life and death, good and bad, and blessing and curse. All of these choices are incorporated into the final exhortation of this unit of verses:

...and you shall choose life

Choosing the positive over the negative is always ultimately the choice of life. The negative side of reality defines the positive, puts it in proportion and gives it balance. The ultimate purpose of evil is to be incorporated into the good, which it reinforces. (More on this in Rabbi Ginsburgh's audio lecture on the Torah portion of  Re'eh). Nevertheless, we always strive to manifest the positive in reality."

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