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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 "Where ever we may be living, we need to see how we can do the things that we have been especially gifted to do. We may be in the US or in Israel or somewhere else, but the Jewish people have our bond to G-d, and a great deal is expected of us.
אור לגויים אחרים. אומה של כוהנים.
We the Jewish people are nation of priests, of Kohanim, We are a light unto the other nations.
If we as G-d’s chosen people give up on our land, on our rights and each other, then you can pretty much expect the other nations to follow suit. In biblical time it was Yosef, who sustained the entire planet because of his wisdom. We can not allow unwise leaders, or rabble rousing political activists to control our destiny.
The so called United Nations is clearly not what they may once have been. Perhaps they represent the poor or downtrodden, or perhaps they are simply wallowing in self interest. When all the nations of come to feel the pinch of an economic decline, the most obvious direction to turn to see who is pulling the political strings, is to take a look at the nation with the deepest pockets, and the most liquid of all assest."

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