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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


TZIMTZUM: " desire to give in the bosom of the Infinite.

Shevirah, or the "breaking of the vessels," is what follows, because the vessels were unable to stand the abundance of divine light poured into them. Thus creation veered from the original intent of the Creator. The fragments of light became trapped in the shards (klippot) of the broken vessels, and our job is to release them. The goal is to recreate Adam Kadmon, the primal man. This is an almost messianic quest, waiting for the eschaton, the being who brings the end of time. Shevirah is the great crisis in the structure of creation.

The healing response is tikkun. This is partly the work of the Creator, but there are certain tasks of tikkun that have been given over to us and which constitute the primary goal of human life."

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