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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Global Website Changes

Angel Investor Wanted:

Website Visionary Is Making A Last Ditch Effort To Appeal To Those Who Have Somehow Managed To Surf Into An Extensive Affiliated Network Of Interconnected Websites.

Because the one person behind these websites in absolutely unwilling to compromise on specific issues that might drive the general business funding crowd, he also willing to more that make up for it along the lines that would be of interest to a subset of the investment crowd that such concepts might appeal to.

While specific inquiries might only be met with cryptic and or sketchy details at best, when the right interested parties are reached, the belief is that the project will be able to quickly gather quite a bit of momentum. 

Angel Investor (or small group of Angel Investors Wanted) For Seed Money, Technical Development, and Fast Launch: 

Our Flagship Website Is About To Get A Significant Re-Design. 

All interested parties need to have minimum assest in the 5-10k range which they will not require reimbursement or immediate payout. [ Seed Money ]. This is not a "run of the mill business proposal" so the expectation is that the funders of this project will also need to have a unique perspective on how their investment capital will be utilized to directly fund this project. 

Inquiries to: with: "Social Tropism Angel", in the subject line.

Thank You for your interest and consideration:

Stephen C. Sanders
Social Tropism
It's not merely a concept, its a current plank in the up and coming and ongoing- is being collected reviewed and analyzed daily. 

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